Sometime last year, I made up my mind that I wanted to create a special kind of magic.  In all honesty, I belong at Hogwarts (though I would take an acceptance at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!) during my schooling career.  I am solidly in the Ravenclaw house and it took me a while to accept that.  But I digress!  When I meant Kasey of Weddings by Kasey, I knew that this Harry Potter inspired photo shoot would apparate.

Taking our inspiration from the graceful elegance of a patronus, the color palate included shades of gray, gold, and white.  Rather than going full color spectrum of reds, blues, greens, and yellows, we wanted a romantic take.  And this wonderful team of Orlando wedding professionals came together to make that happen.

Most of the time, I’m not able to actually attend photo shoots, but my schedule happened to work out in a way that let me.  We arrived at the Cypress Grove Estate.  Under shady trees overlooking the lake, we set up our space.  For our stationery, I opted for an ombre effect with the envelopes, going from lighter to darker as they got smaller.  On the invitation and reply card, I used watercolor to create a stag & doe.  It was topped off with a gold Hogwarts crest wax seal.

The place-settings were created using vintage china, gray linens, and metallic chargers.  White florals and candles composed the centerpiece.  The stemware ranged from crystal water goblets to the cutest owl glasses.  The table number, tribute to a certain platform at Kings Cross Station, was created using water and ink.  I first painted the numbers in clean water.  Then just dropped a single drip of black ink.  The effect reminds me of a patronus coming into vision, as the ink slowly crawls through the water.  For our name cards, I gold glitter dipped white feathers, then hand painted the names on each.  Hedwig would be honored.

Our potions bar had amazing vintage stemware, fizzing, smoking, and bubbling away.  Calligraphy cards, a key collection, and white flowers provide the perfect ambiance for the beautiful cake.

Special thanks to those that made this possible:

Carousel Atelier Calligraphy
Wedding by Kasey
Sydney Morman Photography
The Flower Studio
Any Event LC
Rentaland Parties
Once Upon A Beauty
Timely Tableware
Anna Cakes